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Inspiration for me comes from many things I see. I find seeing the tattered, worn, weathered and even forgotten or overlooked speaks to me the most.

Growing up in Los Angeles California, walking the city streets with my mother, I saw a lot of this early on. I can really appreciate the history of buildings that have held so many years of memories within their walls and have withstood the harsh elements on their exterior. That is where I see a lot of my work evolving from, from rusty, grungy and weathered. That inspires me. That is an element of my memories.

Since I have moved to Minnesota back in 1989, I was now exposed to a lot of nature. Animals that I did not see a lot of growing up. Woods filled with trees and birds that have found their way deep into my heart. I am now also seeing a lot of nature inspiration in a lot of my recent work. Somehow though, those rusty weathered elements are still finding their way into my work.

While I am creating my art, a world of emotions, precious memories, thoughts and feelings come out from the moment I have that inspiration, to the moment my work is complete. This is when I am most happiest, creating from the heart.