About the Artist

Patricia is a self-taught artist for 45 years, Originally from California, she has been living in Minnesota since 1989. “I love the openness and laid back atmosphere of Minnesota”

Her passion of art started at a very early age. She was just starting school and was recognized very early on that she had a talent and desire to do art. Her inspiration comes from visualizing colors and how they play together in a multitude of arrangements. “I will see a field of wildflowers or a wheat field as I am driving by and right away I see this vision of colors and how I can apply them to my art. A lot of my work is definitely visual”.

Patricia has a diverse portfolio specializing in abstract acrylic paintings, oil and cold wax, mixed media collage, and soft pastel portrait drawings. Her abstract paintings are bold and striking and full of color. Heavy texture can be seen in many of her paintings. “I really like to create a lot of depth and texture to my work. This draws the eye closer to the work as it makes it seem like it is lifting off the canvas, bringing it to life” She incorporates mixed media substances in her paintings such as modeling paste, Spackle, coarse prep mediums, rice paper, any unconventional textures, and even gold leaf.

“My greatest inspiration I have to say is my daughter Jessie, who is also a fantastic artist. She is the person who nudges me and says ‘Mom, you need to do that dog, that animal, that bird’. She definitely is the cornerstone of my animal art.”

Patricia is also a published illustrator. Her work can be seen in the book by Carol Elek, Two Boys and the Rustlers available at Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/two-boys-and-the-rustlers-carol-elek/1120044351?ean=9781628387452

and Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Two-Boys-Rustlers-Carol-Elek/dp/1628387459/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429550045&sr=8-1&keywords=two+boys+and+the+rustlers

Patricia has also done commissioned work locally within her community and online all over the United States.